Hulk Hogan Trolled InTo Posting Twitter Pics of Black Soccer Stars

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Hulk Hogan wants his fans to know that he’s touched by the ones who stuck with him after getting bounced from the WWE over comments he made during a sex tape.

Filmed nailing the wife of his former best friend, radio jock Bubba the Love Sponge, Hogan filed a $100 million defamation claim against controversial media site Gawker. But snippets from the tape leaked out with the Hulkster (real name Terry Bollea) allegedly dropping copious n-bombs and making disparaging remarks about the possibility of his daughter bedding a black guy.

In the aftermath of the PR disaster, Hulk Hogan has taken to Twitter to embrace the fans who have stuck by him — even though some of them aren’t exactly fans. Retweeting several of the images from black fans who write to assure him they know he isn’t racist, Hogan has been the victim of a prank. The pictures, actually images of European soccer stars, aren’t actually endorsements from fans, but more the work of trolls, having a laugh at the former wrestling star’s expense. In one of the photos, an apparent father and son team sent their pic and support — it was actually former English player Rio Ferdinand in an embrace with rapper Drake. Probably the biggest giveaway that something wasn’t right here was the name from which that particular pic came from: Monkey D. Jiggy.

It’s probably safe to say at this point that Hulk Hogan deserves what he gets. And yes, the tweets are all still up on Hulk’s page.

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