Instagram Bans #Curvy For ‘Nudity Reasons’

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Say goodbye to #curvy on Instagram. The term, which has apparently been banned for promoting and being attached to too many nude images is also a buzzword for overweight women putting the most affirming description on their situation. So naturally there’s going to be a backlash when other controversial hashtags associated with nudity in all its forms like #shewantsthed, #girlsgonewild and #freethenipple are allowed to remain.

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Additionally, other more derogatory fat shaming terms like #fatso are permitted to remain up, causing some to speculate that there is an anti-fat agenda associated with the company. Clearly, this seems to be a case of controversy nuts looking for something to call foul over as Instagram has been active about banning terms that are involved in overly thin campaigns as well, such as #anorexia and #thinspiration.

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Any time a word or phrase gets banned, the pundits are quick to point out a different piece of slang that is allowed to remain up as some indicator of bias. While #curvy does seem like a ridiculously generic term to blacklist in Instagram’s quest to eradicate nudity, the Facebook-owned social media site apparently feels the severing of this vein of BBW nudity is worth pissing off a few clothed fat girls.

Might I suggest #Rubenesque.

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