Instagram Steals Guy’s Account To Give To Celebrity With Same Name?

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This is apparently becoming a trend. As social media increasingly becomes an important component of celebrity, more and more celebs and brands are realizing that they are late to the game. They didn’t secure their names in social media and now it’s too late. Short of giving the original owner an amount of money for the rights to a social media account, there’s not much that can be done. Oh wait, that’s right — they’re celebs: social media will just take your account name and give it to them.

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Coming on the heels of reports that YouTube took away the URL of YouTube star Matthew Lush to give it to Lush Cosmetics, now this regular joe has gone online with a story of Instagram doing the same thing to him.

Andrés Iniesta, according to a story with Medium, ran a normal Instagram account for years: pics of food, pics of his kids, interesting architecture and probably beautiful sunsets, nothing spammy or risqué on his @ainiesta account. And then Instagram recently shut him down citing Terms of Use violations. Confused, Iniesta checked through the Terms of Use policies and found nothing he’d done wrong. He emailed Instagram, but received no response.

And then his friends and family began to inform him that they were suddenly subscribed to the Instagram account of a popular football (read: soccer) star of the same name. And they didn’t even like football.

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Now this particular instance comes with a happy ending: 5 hours after the not celebrity A. Iniesta went public with his story, the Instagram account was restored to him. Likely the real footballer didn’t want the bad publicity associated with this more than Instagram was concerned about it.

But as we continue to live in an age of celebrity, this will likely be a trend that continues.

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