Is Getting Naked Rihanna’s Answer To ‘Music Video Slump’ On YouTube?

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.49.17 PM

Rihanna’s new single BBHMM, which translates to Bitch Better Have My Money, just dropped on Vevo. And though the recently released trailer hinted at nudity, they didn’t make it clear that there would be a goodly amount of nudity … and violence. Yeah, kids probably shouldn’t watch this one — unless they come from a healthy family with solid, open discussions about sexuality and what boobies are for.

I guess it makes sense for a video called “Bitch Better Have My Money” to contain some violence. And no, I can’t show you the uncensored version of the video — Google tends to get angry at my bosses when I do that. And then they get angry at me. I can tell you if you’re interested that it is available many places though, so if you wanted to see a blood-stained Rihanna sitting naked in a steamer trunk full of hundos, this is the vid for you.

Also, plenty of boobs from some hot rich lady.

And if you came here more interested in finding out about YouTube’s “music video slump” just know that there were quotes around that term in the title because it was sarcasm. There isn’t really a slump in music videos that needed curing by Rihanna showing her goods. It was just something she felt like doing. In fact, music videos are at a quantifiable high point as a result of YouTube. This beats the hell out of any time they spent on MTV.

Maybe don’t go looking for the video while you’re at work, wait until you get home? And lock the door.

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