Is h3h3 Productions The Most Negative Channel on YouTube?

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His videos are sloppy and shot off-the-cuff, he’s older than most of the people he lampoons and he repeats jokes when struggling to find mean words to say. H3h3 Productions has grown into a serious contender for the most negative person on YouTube — and I think he’s fantastic.

Calling “bullshit” on silly trends and sillier people, Ethan Klein has built a solid YouTube presence out of hating much of what he sees from his fellow creators. His latest video slams the Don’t Judge Me challenge in which YouTubers and Viners pretend to be ugly only to suddenly be gorgeous … or “still ugly” as Ethan says. Before that, he was ripping into the annoying Lamborghini guy. Before that, well, he’s ripped into just about everything he finds phony or pretentious. He’s like a chubby, middle-aged Holden Caulfield. Forget Kids React by the Fine Bros., if you want to hear unvarnished opinion coupled with some obnoxious editorial coughing, h3h3 is your destination.

Calling out Josh Paler Lin, SoFloAntonio, MattyB, OckTV, VitalyzdTv and many others, Ethan has found something to dislike about pretty much anything popular in the digital realm. But even when he’s not online, say on a family camping trip to Yosemite with his lovely wife Hila and brother, Sean, he still manages to find the negative in all he experiences, which will give you a good laugh at best and a great villain at worst. Either way, his schtick is well worth a watch.

Do yourself a favor and wait until you are in your “dark place” before clicking on his videos. If you’re feeling good about something, Ethan will bring you right down. But he’ll also make you think.

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