Is YouNow the Future of Media Stardom?

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This is like an inside betting tip, kids: don’t go where the crowd is now, go where the crowd is heading. And right now, it sure looks like the crowd is heading towards YouNow. The talk of VidCon (next to that whole Carter Reynolds thing), YouNow is quickly becoming the buzziest new media platform for developing personalities and stardom.

Eschewing video edits for real personality, YouNow relies on a live interactive stream between vloggers and their fans. You can jump in and out of the chat scroll as your favorite YouNow faces babble on about whatever they feel like. Usually, they steer the conversation in a direction of whatever the chat logs are interested in, so gone is the “tell me in the comments below and I will include them in my next video.” With YouNow, there’s no need to wait around for another video that might be a week off — it all happens as digital experience should happen: right now. It’s raw, it’s exposed and it’s exciting.

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You can pick through a list of preset hashtags, say #bored, #truthordare, or #magcon to name a few, which will take you to random channels if you feel like browsing. Or you can type a channel name into the search bar and seek out exactly who you’re looking for.

Best of all, even if you can’t make it on at a set time for the live chat, the video is stored on the creator’s channel a la YouTube, so you can watch it over and over again.

Even some YouTubers have recognized the potential for interaction and have jumped over to make their early mark on the site. Dan Howell runs a channel, the aforementioned Carter Reynolds runs a channel and even Thatcher Joe pops up now and again.

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And since it is still an emerging platform, there’s plenty of room for new celebrities to be minted. So maybe if you’re having trouble breaking in on YouTube, but you know you’re star material, you might just find your voice on YouNow.

If only they’d add a video embed option, they’d be in business.

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