Janoskians Untold & Untrue: Concert Mockumentary Movie To Be Released

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The Janoskians, an Australian prank group with a crazy-huge fan following apparently always had a dream of playing at Wembley Arena — a massive London-based concert hall. I say apparently, because this is the Janoskians we’re talking about — nothing is off-limits and everything might be fake. Even the announcement of this movie might be fake? Christ, maybe I am fake? Who knows?

But in their quest to play a sold out show at Wembley Arena, they filmed a mockumentary about it — see that “mockumentary” thing means fake. Long story short, there’s a movie coming out in digital format that is about the Janoskians. Everything else is up for debate.

Janoskians: Untold and Untrue is an epic, very uncensored, debate-ably honest, look at our lives together, from the beginning until now,” said Beau Brooks of The Janoskians in a release. “It was an incredible experience and fans are going to be able to see us boys as never before.”

Naturally, they collaborated with the name in YouTube movie production, Brian Robbins, founder of AwesomenessTV.

“In four short years The Janoskians have developed a fanbase that will follow them anywhere, literally stopping traffic, which is why we want to be in business with them,” said Brian Robbins, Founder and CEO of AwesomenessTV. “They are an incredibly spirited crew and we are already planning our next project with them.”

The film will be available on VOD in late summer.

But even that might be a prank. Expect the unexpected.

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