Maker to Shutter Blip.Tv After Diminishing Returns

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On Blip.TV proper it’s business as usual, the content creators posting their wares, in a myriad of different genres and all seems eerily quiet — as if no one has any idea that their littlle Blip worlds are about to be blown to smithereens, possibly from an orbiting “Death Star,” what with Disney’s involvement.

Of course, they likely do have some idea: Maker, who acquired Blip in 2013, has decided that the experiment of a “more community-focused YouTube” has gone on long enough. Pinpointing Aug. 20 as the final day for the company that once saw as many as 900,000 users on its site, Maker sent out an email encouraging its Blip users who were also YouTube relevant to attempt to take advantage of its Maker Gen platform:

“As you may know, Blip was acquired by Maker Studios in September 2013 and the acquisition has allowed for additional, more expansive direct-to-consumer tools and products for content creators across the network. We encourage you to apply to the Maker Gen network if you have a YouTube channel to take advantage of Maker’s tools and services.”

Blip founder Justin Day, painted a more accurate picture of events with a simple Twitter post:

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