MatPat Theorizes How He Hit 1MM Subscribers In A Month On His Film Theorists Channel [INTERVIEW]

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MatPat is the person I would most like to trade places with on YouTube. Sure PewDiePie and the Epic Meal Time guys are probably having a lot of fun, but MatPat (real name: Matthew Patrick) is like Sherlock Holmes for the YouTube generation (meaning that he solves mysteries, yet doesn’t go outside). First, he sets a far-out hypothesis and then goes about making you feel like he knows exactly what the hell he is talking about. By the end of his videos, his theories feel more like cold hard fact.

Initially taking on video games with the slightly puntastic Game Theorists he crowded over 4.7 million subscribers onto his platform. And these aren’t just idle fans … these are people who would likely drink *the Kool-aid* if he asked. Not that he would, he’s also a pretty nice guy. But then, if he wasn’t busy enough already, he went ahead and dropped another channel on us all: Film Theorists. And this one was even more up my alley because I am a movie nut! And so are a lot of other people apparently, because they too have subscribed. MatPat has already achieved the vaunted and daunting mark of 1 million subscribers on that channel too! And he did it in a month!

Since MatPat is basically canonized ’round these parts, we felt we HAD to talk to him. Consider this one an ACHIEVEMENT: UNLOCKED. Or whatever the film equivalent of that phrase is. Maybe ACTION!

What led to the decision to add the Film Theorists channel? Were the fans beating down your door for one?

MatPat: It was a combination of factors. On one hand, fans were certainly requesting episodes that tackled cartoons and anime, but also, I’ve always been incredibly passionate about movies and TV in addition to games, so I was eager to broaden out and really engage that part of my personality too. And it’s my hope that the channel will introduce my gaming-centric audience to some exciting film and television work they might not have known about, but is certainly worth their time.

What was the point at which you decided that you could run a couple different channels? Are you constantly working now?

Ha! I’ve always been constantly working – that hasn’t changed. These episodes take around 100 hours to make, about 20 for research and writing and 80 for editing, so to meet the demands of YouTube you have to be working around the clock. But what has changed is how many people I have helping with the channels. What started as just me working nights and weekends to scrape out episodes has grown so that I now have a great team of researchers and editors who can help me meet my self-imposed deadlines. A lot of “second channels” start strong but slowly die as the creator realizes they don’t have the time it takes to maintain two separate schedules. I didn’t want that to happen and I didn’t want people thinking of this as a second channel. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to launch this for years, but until I felt like I could maintain both without any drop in quality across what we were making, I held off.

Are you already thinking of expanding to add another channel? Hypothetically speaking, what would that channel be about?

I’m always thinking about what other exciting projects I could tackle next and the incredibly strong performance of Film Theorists has shown that the fan support for me and the crew to do more is definitely there, so that bodes well. But I don’t want to expand too quickly. I want to make sure that both channels are still on solid footing before we roll out even more stuff. Expanding too quickly is just asking for trouble. Just like launching Film Theorists, I won’t make another channel until I know that I can handle the work and that the fans are eager for it.

That said, the Theorist logo has four slots, but only two are filled, so…we’ll see. The popular theories from the fans are books and music.

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