Michelle Phan Makes A Comic Book — Here Are 6 YouTubers and Their (Secret) Superpowers

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YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan is going to put down the brush and pick up the pencil. Phan, with over 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, will be launching a 26-chapter digital comic book called The Enchantress, this fall.

This comic book is in collaboration with LINE Webtoon, a website where comic book artists can upload their own work. She intends to promote the project at Comic-Con on July 10. This is pretty cool and all, but imagine your favorite YouTuber having an incredible superpower. Now that’s even cooler.


1. Lee Newton, Negotiating

Ok, so this may seem silly, but back in the days when she was in SourceFed, Ms. Newton had a character called The Negotiator, who would have hosts negotiate with one another to resolve a conflict. So when she gets into character and she speaks to two or more people, the conflict will be resolved immediately.

2. Markiplier, Voice Abilities

This man’s voice is absolutely magnificent. So, let’s make it better. With his voice, he can project sound waves that can destroy all of the ear drums in Russia.

3. Felicia Day, Dark Magic

No one messes with Felicia Day. At all. And if she were able to wield dark magic, no one would be able to stand in her away and achieve nerdy nirvana.

4. Gavin Free, Control Time

It only makes sense that this guy would be able to slow down time, speed it up, or stop it completely.

5. Laina, Hypnosis/Manipulation

One look into her overly-attaching eyes, and you will be under her will.

6. Sam Bashor, Super Speed

He’s always wanted to be fast, and thus, he shall be fast. Faster than Quicksilver and the Flash. Now that’s fast.

If you could give a superpower to your favorite YouTubers, what would you give them? Share and tell us!