Model (& Taylor Swift Bestie) Karlie Kloss Joins YouTube


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When a mainstream celebrity joins YouTube, you always give it a bit to see how long the experiment works. Will it be a brief dalliance? Or will they take it seriously and stick out the grind of weekly vlogging? Most go with the former, but then, most aren’t Karlie Kloss. And most don’t have YouTube star Casey Neistat running their channel.

Kloss, a model in high demand, is also a baker, Nike-endorsed athlete, serious coder, new student at NYU, and, oh yeah, a Taylor Swift bestie, so hopefully all of that comes to play on her channel.

Naming her channel Klossy, the model’s aim apparently is to build an extension of her Instagram account, which has over 2.8 million followers. According to Style, it’s all about the superior reach of YouTube that has the 22-year-old beauty making the leap to video: “While 2.8 million of the total 300 million active Instagram users see Kloss’ snaps, YouTube offers the model the opportunity to reach an audience of more than 1 billion users. Instagram boasts about 30 billion photos shared; YouTube averages over 157 billion minutes of video uploaded per year. The difference in audience is outstanding.”

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It should be a hell of an experience going forward — the world of a model made accessible to us “non-model” types … or more specifically us “lazy, lay on the couch and eat burritos by the caseload” types.


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