New CEO to Reddit: More Subreddits To Be Axed

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Making a pop-in visit to continue the dialogue between management and the Redditors who claimed they were leaving but ultimately stayed, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has made some early declarations.

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Admitting he didn’t like to give away the goods before they’re ready, he did an AMA and posted a list of general updates and changes coming to Reddit in the nearish future. Amongst the revelations: more websites that don’t support the philosophy of Reddit will be banned. While Huffman didn’t elaborate on what those might be, judging by the previous cuts to sites like r/creepshots, r/fatpeoplehate and r/beatingwomen, it seems like r/mensrights and r/picsofdeadkids could certainly be on the precipice.

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In the actual comments section following Huffman’s statement of intent, the most consistent line of commentary was directed around shadowbanning — Reddit’s process of making an account and its comments visible to only the one making the comments. Basically, a Reddit user would have no idea they were essentially banned from existence on the site and would continue making comments that no one else could see. According to Huffman, they’re going to phase down shadowbanning in favor of a more across-the-board banning.

Mostly the AMA was spent by people trying to convince Huffman it wouldn’t work. Huffman disagreed.

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So that’s it. The new sheriff in town is attempting to be more transparent and candid with the message boards and their readers. Will this alone save Reddit’s credibility with those who’ve felt wronged somehow by the site? Probably not, but it certainly can’t hurt the cause to make the general populace feel respected.

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