Patreon’s ‘Declined Pledge’ Glitch Scares Creators


Patreon is a crowdfunding website that allows artists to receive funds from patrons on either a daily basis or per pieces of artwork. The site is very popular with YouTubers, musicians and webcomic artists, and many of them use the site as their main income source. But recently, the entire community has been set to a panic.

A lot of Patreon users noticed that an excessively large number of declined pledges as their Patreon campaigns began its June fulfillment and the website itself noticed that something wasn’t right when they began to run payments and most of them were being declined. The entire community started alerting others to not pledge because the chances of getting declined were very high. In an article from Webcomics, artists and creators got this mitigating note:


Hi all, Taryn from the Community Happiness team here. I run Patreon’s Twitter & answer support emails through our Help Center, so I’m secretly talking to many of you every day (hi!). On behalf of our engineering + support teams, I wanted to send out an apology and explanation about our mistake with payments today, and give you reassurance that it’s taken care of.

As we were running payments this morning, we noticed that more pledges than normal were declining, which lead to a number of problems. We’re happy to report that none of this will affect what you get paid this month, and we’re taking extra special care of patrons who experienced any problems with their pledges. We’ve already started to re-process payments. No patrons will be double-charged, anyone that was double-charged is being refunded, and anyone with a pledge that actually declined is being charged again.

I am so incredibly sorry for this. I hear and read your frustration and I completely feel it with you. Our job is to get you paid, and I hate days like today when we don’t do it well. Our engineers take this very seriously and are working tirelessly to improve our payments structure — take my word that big changes are on the horizon with this, and we can’t wait for you to experience them.

Thank you for expressing your frustration with us so honestly. I mean it when I say how sorry I am for the scare today — this is your livelihood and it’s not taken lightly. This isn’t how we want to operate, and you have my word that we will do better.
Here for you when you need me — you know where to find me.


For some, this was a sigh of relief. For others, they won’t stop worrying and won’t stop spamming Patreon until the problem has been fixed. In this Tumblr post, you can see how important it is that these people see that their patrons’ pledges go through. But honestly, bashing on the one website that is the best system to make cash isn’t going to help anyone at all. This entire situation sucks a ton. It really does, but the only thing that creators can do is wait patiently until the problem is resolved.

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