PewDiePie Made $7 Million in 2014, Here Are 7 Awesome Things He Can Buy Now


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So it was just reported that Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, pulled in about $7.4 million in revenue in 2014, which is absolutely bonkers — although, this shouldn’t be a surprise because he has over 37 million subscribers and regularly generates over $4 million in ad sales per year. In a Reddit AMA that Kjellberg did, he’s stated that with the mass load of cash he makes, it also goes to the charities of his choice, along with the funds that the “bros” send in. Now, imagine if he didn’t donate (wow, that sounds really douchey). What do you think PewDiePie would buy?

1. A frackin’ yacht

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In case you didn’t know, PewDiePie can sail a boat. So with the kind of money he makes and if he saves up enough cash, he’d equip the yacht with powerful Wi-Fi, so that he can make YouTube videos and sail the seven seas whenever he feels like it.

2. An island


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Pewds would then sail to his own island, and keep gaming over there, as he gets to sip on that fresh coconut milk and explore his own personal jungle. Plus, imagine the conversation he would have with the island representative on the other end. Saying something like “Yes, I would like one island please” sounds extremely pompous.

3. A private jet

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This private jet would have Wi-Fi too, so then he’d be able to say that he’s (probably) the only gamer to have gamed online on land, air and sea.

4. Private session with Radiohead

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PewDiePie would donate all $7.45 million he made and a kidney just to be able to hang out with Radiohead and have them perform for his own entertainment. And then he’d probably want to write a lyric or two and put it into a new song they’d be writing and then he’d be able to say “I WROTE THIS FOR THEM. SUCK IT. WHOOO!!!!!”

5. The best butler ever

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Not only would this butler make spicy food or fetch things for Pewds, but this butler could also take part in the hilarity that is ensued in his massive YouTube channel.


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I’m not entirely sure how many consoles this man has, but he’d probably try to obtain as many consoles as he can, and make a display room for the beautiful pieces of art.

7. An actual man cave

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PewDiePie would hire the appropriate team of workers to make this a reality. It would actually be a cave, with his entertainment devices.

Honestly, it seems like he has everything he already wants. But if there ever comes a moment where PewDiePie has an opportunity to splurge, he’d go nuts. There’s no way to predict what exactly he’d buy. For all we know, he could be a ton of gummy bears.

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