PewDiePie Responds To The Big Money Haters

Yesterday, it was all over social media and news websites that Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, made $7.45 million in 2014. Of course, everyone and their grandma wanted to talk about this, especially Kjellberg’s haters. And thus, he made a video response, which is embedded above this text.

So he starts the video off with his signature voice, then proceeds to get serious and starts to explain that his income amount shouldn’t be important at all. He states that in the five years he has been making videos, he has tried his best to keep his income amount out of the picture because at the end of it all, he is just making videos because he loves it and everyone else finds them extremely entertaining.

He also begins to explain how the haters are hating. The haters are complaining about how Pewds just sits in front of a scream, plays a video game, and he either laughs or almost craps his pants. It’s completely true, but as Pewds has stated, he has over 9 billion views on his channel and those views are going to convert into money. He also mentions how someone can easily fill in his place, if he hadn’t started making videos when he did.

Once that spiel is over and done with, Kjellberg decides to get into some of his “favorite” comments like




And to that he says:

Honestly, I agree with him. He is the living example of “do what you love, and the money will follow”. This guy loves making videos, playing video games, and being a goof in the middle of it all. And the best thing about this? People find him entertaining and he is making MILLIONS. That’s every nerd’s dream. If I could take a job like that, then I’d def be doing the dumb and hilarious stuff he’s doing. And it doesn’t matter if people are bashing on him or calling him retarded or a fa****. He’s happy and that’s that. End of discussion. And remember…

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