Project Ascension: One Gaming Service Uniting Three Servers. Convenient, Right?


Isn’t it annoying when you are playing Mirror’s Edge, and then you have to switch out of Origin and sign onto Steam so then you can play Portal 2? Or if you’re switching out of a game from Steam, you have to boot up uPlay, and sign in, in order to play Far Cry 3? Well, that whole switching stuff is going to end because there is a new program that’s going to make your life 10 times easier — it’s called Project Ascension.

Different stores, different friends lists, different DRM, different interfaces, etc. All of that is incredibly annoying to keep track of, and Project Ascension is going to remove said pain. Project Ascension’s goal is to unify these three services (and any other PC game client) into one cohesive unit where everything is together and organized. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

It is in no way trying to replace Steam, Origin, or UPlay. Rather, it’s trying to do this:

“Project Ascension’s intent is to create an open-source and multi-platform launcher for storing games, searching for good deals and prices, and optionally using community features.”

This actually looks really cool because it’s so simple, and it just looks like one huge marketplace. I’m definitely digging the news tab that it features, because it’ll most likely keep you in the know with everything gaming-related.

Anyway, this program is being built by a team of 18 volunteers, which makes things sort of iffy because these guys are volunteers. So, if they feel like stopping, they could. It’d be a huge dick move, but they could do it. At the same time, these guys volunteered to help make this program. Since they all have the will to make this program really special, then we shouldn’t be too worried.

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