Rape Allegations on Facebook Divide ‘70s All-Girl Rock Group The Runaways

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Facebook has become the forum for a serious back and forth regarding a rock & roll rape that occurred in the ’70s.

The Runaways’ rockers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie have taken defensive stances against allegations made by Jackie Fox, their former bandmate, that they were in the room and did nothing while Fox was raped. The allegations were initially made in an article on The Huffington Post by the former bassist of the Runaways, a pop/rock girl group group best known for the single “Cherry Bomb,” and has since carried over to Facebook.

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Fox alleges that the group’s male manager Kim Fowley raped her in a motel room during a tour when she was 16. Fox made a follow-up post on Facebook that she is happy the story is receiving the attention that it is.

Also on Facebook though, Joan Jett, who became a successful solo artist in the ‘80s, and Cherie Currie, former lead singer from the Runaways, have individually denied those claims that they watched said rape happen and did nothing.

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Apparently it’s been many years since any of the girl group musicians were even in the same room with one another.

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The group, whose success and subsequent breakup were the focus of an eponymous biopic in 2010, had controversy attached to it when, according to Wikipedia, “Fox did not want to be involved in any part of the film, and requested that her name be changed in the story. The fictional replacement is named Robin Robbins.” Whether that reluctance to be involved is connected to her recent revelations is unclear.

Kristen Stewart played Joan Jett, Dakota Fanning played Cherie Currie and Kim Fowley was played by Michael Shannon in the film which was a box office flop.

The actual Kim Fowley passed away earlier this year, which might have been the catalyst for Jackie Fox finally coming forward.

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Kim Fowley

Particularly contentious is the assertion allegedly by Fox that she claims Joan Jett and Cherie Currie joked about the rape after it happened. But she also goes on to say that we’ve all been passive bystanders and what they did was not a crime:

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