Rapper 50 Cent Declares Bankruptcy, Twitter’s Got Jokes

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It’s tough to be brazen in the rap/business game because if you don’t manage your money correctly, your baller status will come back to haunt you. Such is the pitfall of 50 Cent née Curtis Jackson, the prolific rapper who just filed for bankruptcy today. Most embarrassingly, last week The New York Times wrote an article that praised his business acumen.

Jackson, who was hit with a $5 million court decision against him for leaking a sex tape of Rick Ross, also recently was sued for $17 million in a headphone patent lawsuit. As a result, “he doesn’t even have 50 cents” is a recurring comment from the peanut gallery on Twitter.

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Here’s more of it:

Impressively, the one person who could really stick it to 50 Cent is boxer Floyd Mayweather, a frequent recipient of Fiddy’s verbal jabs. In the past, Fiddy offered to donate $750,000 to Floyd’s favorite charity if he would make a YouTube video reading a page from a Dr. Suess book. Mayweather could easily return some social media pokes in 50 Cent’s direction — or worse, he could read that page and stack a little more debt on Fiddy’s pile.

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Revenge is a dish best served with Green Eggs & Ham.

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