Recasting Magic Mike XXL With YouTubers: Caution, Sexy Times Ahead

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What’s better than a YouTube recasting of Independence Day for Independence Day? How about a recasting of Magic Mike XXL, swapping the hottie stripper boys of the Kings of Tampa for the hottie performer boys of YouTube?

With Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, it’s a tall order for recasting, but I think the studs of YouTube are more than capable.

Maybe you disagree with the choices, but there would likely be a big turnout if these YouTube dudes hit the stage:


Played by: Channing Tatum
Our version: Chester See

The all around entertainer and the star of the show, Chester See has the skills to pay the bills in the role of Mike.


Played by: Matt Bomer
Our version: Connor Franta

It only makes sense that the “Ken Doll” character should be played by YouTube’s own version of the Ken Doll, Connor Franta.

Big Dick Richie

Played by: Joe Manganiello
Our version: Rob Dyke

We don’t know if he lives up to the character’s name and we aren’t checking. But he’s handsome and belongs on our stage.


Played by: Kevin Nash
Our version: Hudson from Buff Dudes

Who better to be the big buff wild man than one of the biggest, buffet wild men on YouTube?


Played by: Gabriel Iglesias
Our version: Timothy DeLaGhetto

Ain’t no party like a strip club party because a strip club party don’t stop … ’til the money is out. Timothy DeLaGhetto could step into the role of Tobias, the party host and DJ, perfectly. Plus, he’s easier on the eyes than Gabriel Iglesias.


Played by: Adam Rodriguez
Our version: D-trix

Somebody on this recast actually needs to be able to dance and look good doing it!


Played by: Amber Heard
Our version: Taryn Southern

The beautiful love interest (who hopefully gets to do more than be eye candy for the fellas)? Our heart could only ever belong to Taryn Southern.

What do you think? Yeah, we like this list too.

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