Rejected by Kickstarter, ‘Potato Salad Guy’ Now Wants to be ‘Jet Ski Guy’ On IndieGogo


Do you remember the guy who started a Kickstarter and raised $55,000, just so he can give a lot of people some potato salad? Yeah, that’s this guy. And he’s starting another campaign. What could it be this time? He’s going to give everyone a jet ski! Not an actual jet ski, but a tiny vial of powder of what was once a jet ski.

Zack “Danger” Brown became Internet famous last year, after his potato salad Kickstarter ended up raising more than $55,000. Not only was there thousands of pounds of potato salad, but there were potato sack races, a merry-go-round, Mr. Potato Heads that you can construct, and a bunch of other things. Even though people were hating on this campaign, love overcame it because who doesn’t like free-ish picnic food?

But that was so last year. This year, he wants to give people jet skis – which will be grounded up and turn into powder and will be distributed in tiny vials.

“Unless you can reconstitute jet ski powder into a full jet ski, it’s a way for everyone to share a piece of this project. Also, the vial might have some secondary uses that we haven’t considered yet,” Brown told Mashable. His business partner, Mike Stempler added, “It’s a keepsake, a conversation piece.”


Kickstarter approved their campaign and all was good in the hood about it, but then they were shut down and the campaign ended immediately. The second rule of Kickstarter’s guidelines is that “projects must be honest and clearly presented,” so Brown’s attempt to be funny didn’t make Kickstarter chuckle. Even though Brown was rejected, he wasn’t going to give up.

Brown and Stempler moved the campaign to Indiegogo, where things are a lot more lenient. The campaign is still in the works, and it will go live Monday, July 13.

Those two said that they really hope people are down to donate to this “cause” and see that it is really about making people laugh. “I’m hoping it’s just the right amount of insane to be interesting and hilarious to the same kind of people who thought potato salad was insane, interesting and hilarious,” Stempler said.

The pair also want to make it clear that they’re not trying to live up to the success of Brown’s previous tater campaign.

“Every ‘second Kickstarter’ creator tends to hedge a lot about whether or not their new campaign will be as successful as their last,” Brown said. “I think the jet ski project will be a lot of fun, but we’re not going to base success on number of backers or dollars raised.”

Also, Brown would extremely appreciate it if you can tweet to him and give him suggestions as to how one would pulverize a jet ski into smithereens.