Russia Threatens To Ban YouTube Over ‘Illegal Content’

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Russia Stock Photo #107

Russia is saying America has stolen from them! My, how the tables have turned.

Apparently “Ivan” doesn’t like that some channels on YouTube broadcast free versions of their television programs. Though the video platform did its due diligence in removing flagged content, YouTube’s actions allegedly weren’t enough for the Red Menace.

Via The Hollywood Reporter: “On Wednesday, Roskomnadzor, Russia’s communications watchdog, announced on its web site that it is issuing a warning to YouTube over illegal copies of episodes of popular local TV series Fizruk (P.E. Teacher) and Chernobyl available on the video service.”

The kerfuffle has come over users re-uploading flagged content — Russia wants amore effective solution.

Of course, Russia threatening to ban YouTube in their country is like threatening to cut off your own head when the dog shits on the carpet — the dog doesn’t care, the shit doesn’t care and only you suffer.

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