Sourcefed Nerd’s 360 Degree Comic-Con Video Will Make You A Believer

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.10.01 PM

When I say that “Sourcefed Nerd’s 360 Degree Comic-Con Video Will Make You A Believer” up there in the title, the ambiguity actually refers to all three subjects: Sourcefed Nerd, Comic-Con and 360 Degree Video. The other two were already a slam dunk with me, but when it came to the 360 degree video, I wasn’t a believer before. When I first reviewed the technology, back when Sam Macaroni and Roman Atwood were running around with it, I was like “Yeah, but, why would I want to look anywhere else but at you guys?”

And now I get it.

This footage, taken at this year’s Comic-Con down in San Diego, will MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE THERE! It’s pretty incredible. Now that I have seen the light, my mind is awash with the possibilities of this technology! Rock concerts, roller coasters, Roman orgies! All of them could be made better and more immersive with this ability to look around. Good work, YouTube, I owe you a beer — a really big one! And you, Sourcefed Nerd, pocket protectors to you for bringing this to my attention in a way that makes me excited.

And now you get it too.

And now you get it too.

Now for some of you the video doesn’t work. You have to use a browser that supports it. Download Chrome. Everything works with Chrome. It’s time. Do yourself a favor and watch this footage (especially in the convention halls and on the elevator — you can practically smell the Cheetohs and Mountain Dew:

Share this with your grandma to wow her. In her day, TVs only had three channels and there was no YouTube. This will blow her fucking mind.