Start Your Summer Holidays With The Wet Hot American Summer Trailer

The Wet Hot American Summer trailer is finally here and if you’re a fan, it’s going to be A LOT to handle. Netflix has managed to reunite almost the entire original cast, an impressive feat considering that the original film starred little known actors like Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, and Bradley Cooper. Based on the trailer they’ve not only managed to bring back everyone from the original cast (Molly Shannon! Janeane Garofolo! Christopher Meloni! David Hyde Pierce!) they’ve also added a ton of new familiar faces to the mix. Jon Hamm, Kristen Wigg, Lake Bell, and many more (too many to name frankly) are all joining the cast of the rebooted zany summer camp comedy.

If the social media buzz is anything to go by, fans are eating up the trailer and anticipation for the July 31st launch is high. We still have to wait a whole month to return to Camp Firewood, but this trailer should be enough to get us through the holiday weekend.