Step Aside, Fallout 4. Black Ops III’s “Juggernog” Edition COMES WITH A MINI-FRIDGE


So when it comes to reserving a collector’s edition of a game, you’d imagine that you’d just get a book of concept art, a statue, or the game in a steel bookcase. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Black Ops III. When you reserve the “Juggernog” Edition of Call of Duty Black Ops III, you get A FRIGGIN’ MINI FRIDGE. These guys are going all out and I love it.

Besides the fridge, the game, the season pass, and “The Giant”—a remake of Der Rise, a fan favorite zombie map, and a bunch of other stuff like coasters, art cards, a bunch of other cool swag.

The fridge is modeled after the Juggernog Perk-a-Cola dispenser from Call of Duty: Zombies, and this is definitely trying to one-up Fallout 4: Pipboy Edition, and there is no way that Activision or Treyarch can deny that. NO ONE PAIRS A GAME WITH A FRIDGE. It’s completely unheard of!


But seriously, even though this edition is a whopping $200, this is a really cool edition to pre-order and purchase. Not only can you smash the skulls of countless zombies and 360 no-scope your foes into defeat, you can enjoy some ice-cold cans of Baja Blast Mountain Dew while you’re at it, because who the hell doesn’t enjoy Baja Blast Mountain Dew?