Subreddits to Turn to When You’re in Trouble



Sometimes when you’re in trouble, or being bullied, or feeling lonely, it’s difficult to go to people in real life and ask for help. The internet has provided a great alternative to that, often helping people connect and ask for help in ways that feel safer to them than taking that same risk in person.

But the internet can also be a large and daunting place. So we’ve compiled a list of subreddits that serve as a solid starting point if you’re in trouble and looking for someplace to turn.

r/Bullying – The bullying subreddit is a great resource if you’re being bullied. You can ask for advice, talk to other people who are going or have gone through similar things, and seek out additional resources.

r/Cyberbullying – Similar to the bullying subreddit, but particularly useful if your troubles extend to online harassment.

r/ItGetsBetter – No matter what it is you’re going through, this is a place you can go to hear stories from people who have also struggled in their lives and made it through to a brighter place, and people who are still trying to get there.

r/SuicideWatch – If things have gotten really bad and you’re having suicidal thoughts, this is a place you can go to talk through what’s going on and what you’re feeling, and find resources to help get you to a more positive state of mind.

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r/SocialSkills – The social skills subreddit can help you learn how to make new friends and interact with your peers in a way that will hopefully be a more positive experience than what currently might be happening.

r/BodyAcceptance – It can be hard to love yourself and your body, and people picking apart every little detail of your appearance certainly doesn’t help. This subreddit promotes positivity and loving how you look exactly the way you are.

r/LGBTeens – If you’re being bullied because of your sexuality, or are worried you may be if you come out, this is a great place to find other teens who are on the same journey.

r/FreeCompliments – At first glance, this may seem like a cheap way to feel better about yourself, but sometimes you just need to hear something kind, even from strangers. Try it out. You might be surprised at the boost it gives you to get through your day.

r/Happy – If the world has got you down, this is a great place to go simply to remember that even with the bad, there is still so much good out there.

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r/GetMotivated – This subreddit specializes in inspirational quotes and images. Sometimes scrolling through those serves as the best motivation to go out and change your life for the better, or even just make it through the rest of your week.

r/IWantToLearn – Finding hobbies or new skills can completely change your outlook on life. If there’s something specific you want to learn how to do, this subreddit can help you connect with the resources to figure it out. You can also browse through (or r/hobbies) and get new ideas for hobbies or distractions to put your energy into.

What’s your favorite subreddit to go to when you’re feeling down?