The AP To Add Over 100 Years Worth Of Historical Videos To YouTube

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British Pathé did an amazing service to the world when it granted us access to its film archives by uploading them to YouTube. And now, the Associated Press is doing the same thing.

With over 17,000 hours worth of archival footage stored, the AP has some of the most impressionable moments of the 20th century caught on film — moon landings, assassinations, influential presidential speeches, thousands of important historical, cultural or social landmark moments will soon be at your fingertips.

According to Variety: “The archival footage includes major world events such as the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, exclusive footage of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. Celeb footage includes Marilyn Monroe captured on film in London in the 1950s and Twiggy modeling fashions of the 1960s, as well as segments on Muhammad Ali, Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali, Brigitte Bardot and Elvis Presley.”

Of course, the lot of it is stock footage, the sort of stuff news channels buy to put reporters jabbering over, so don’t expect much talking from a lot of these videos.

The content will be available on two channels: AP Archive and British Movietone. Currently they’re uploading videos at the rate of roughly 30,000 a week. No telling on whether they’re going to monetize the footage, but expect that they will. I totally would but at this point I’m just a bad caricature of a James Bond villain (Jeff rubs his hands together and then pets his white cat while laughing maniacally).

Share this because we all just got a lot less bored. Except for 14-year-old boys who don’t care about history — they just got a lot more bored.