The Real Gaming Money Is In Twitch Not YouTube, Says Research


In this day and age, selling video games is not the only a way to make cash in the gaming industry, as a new report by analytics firm SuperData Research Inc. revealed that video game content is worth over $3.8 billion.

The content that was measured by this report includes “Recording gameplay, reviews and anything that engages the gaming community.” Live streaming is also included into this report, which according to SuperData is responsible for a third of the dealership on gaming video content.

If you want to watch the latest game play in a new video game, or if you need some sort of walk-through with some other video game because you’re stuck, you either go YouTube or Amazon, because these are the two juggernauts with video game content. While YouTube leads in total views, Twitch users make a lot more cash thanks to advertising, sponsorships, and user donations, which is what really sets Twitch apart from YouTube.


“Donations, which account for roughly a third of Twitch’s revenue, are essential for broadcasters who do not have enough viewers to make substantial gains from advertising,” SuperData explained. “Viewers spend an average of $4.64 a month on donations, with popular broadcasters earning thousands of dollars from a single donation.” Also every Twitch user has a set up like the image above, so that viewers can easily donate and subscribe to the streamer’s channel.

According to their report, Twitch holds 43 percent of the market share in total revenue earned by video game content, with YouTube not too far off with 36 percent.

SuperData added, “Content on the live streaming site is mostly aimed at the most dedicated gamers who are often the highest spenders, the most dedicated viewers, and want to connect directly with broadcasters.”

It is obvious that the game viewers tend to be pretty young, and according to the report, 50% of these viewers are under the age of 35. While the majority are male views, female views make up a solid and respectable 38%, and that percentage continues to rise.

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