The Stars At VidCon 2015 — 5 Videos of YouTuber Awesomeness

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.46.36 PM

While we’re busy generating all our VidCon content, we thought it would be sensible to upload some VidCon stuff RIGHT NOW because it’s EXCITING!

Going off all weekend long, VidCon is, as always in Anaheim, Calif. and as always, is ALREADY INSANE. The use of capital letters lets you know we are serious. Already the biggest names in YouTube are here, doing meetups with the fans and generally just having an amazing time being wild and free in the shadow of Disneyland.

Here are five of our favorite videos to emerge from VidCon (so far!):

5. Madeyewlook Twice

4. McJuggerNuggets

3. Racka Racka

2. The Nive Nulls

1. iJustine

Stay tuned for more VidCon 2015 CONTENT!!!!!!!! NMR Content and some crazy DRAMA forthcoming!

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