“Very British Problems” Twitter Account Gets A TV Show


If you grew up in Great Britain, it is possible that you probably picked up a few social pet peeves or some quirks or some little peccadilloes. Passive aggressive comments, very low tolerance with extreme weather and a hilarious addiction to tea, for example.

For about two years or so, the Twitter account “Very British Problems” has been posting tweets that bust the chops at the Brit’s mannerisms, and they have been garnering countless followers, retweets and favorites in the process. Now, Channel 4 is taking this concept and transforming it into a TV show.

The show will be a mini series, it will have three episodes and it will debut later this summer with a mix of charming stories, silly animations and archive footage. What’s even better is that a fair amount of British comedians are definitely down to take part of this show, like Jonathan Ross, James Corden and Ruth Jones. “Very British Problems” won’t be the first of its kind, but hopefully it does a lot better than “Selfie” and “$#!@ My Dad Says”


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