VidCon 2015 Set A Record — But It Wasn’t The One You’re Thinking!

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Sorry for the clickbaity title, I gotta kid on crutches who needs medicine and my boss, Mr. Scrooge, won’t even give me Christmas off. Okay, I’m not really Bob Cratchett and I’m not really sorry for luring you in here because this post will MAKE ALL YOUR WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE! (Cool it, Jeff, you already got them in here, just give ’em the news and let them be on their way).

Okay, so VidCon 2015 achieved a record that was just officially verified by, who is apparently the Guinness Book for the digital set. That record: World’s Largest Cellphone Wave.

Utilizing their smartphones, the YouTubers turned on their flashlights and then held them up in quick succession, creating the appearance of a wave, not unlike the sort of thing that is often viewed at a sports stadium or beach. But this was like a digital wave, so it was extra rad to the max or whatever. The event, which took place Saturday night at the VidCon prom, was adjudicated by Record Setter’s co-founder and CEO, Dan Rollman.

“The YouTube community is extraordinarily open when it comes to creativity and participation,” said Rollman. “Watching such a huge group pull out their phones and collaborate together was, in a word, awesome. I had goose bumps onstage the entire time.”

No, sigh, not these Goosebumps.

No, sigh, not these Goosebumps.

How many people will it take to break that record? According to the official VidCon channel, the record now stands at 2,047 people, so you’re gonna need more than your mom’s bake sale buddies if you want to stand atop this particular mountain.

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