Viral Fish Playing Fetch Faked: Was Scam Marketing For New Movie

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Apparently there’s a new tactic in marketing right now: make a video that seems too-good-to be-true, watch it go viral and get press coverage, then once the views are pretty milked out of it, release a statement admitting that you faked the video so you get a whole other round of press reporting on the video being fake. Pretty sneaky, but it also threatens the idea of the viral video at large.

If we can’t believe they are real then it removes our need to watch them or emotionally resonate with them.

This viral video of a fish playing fetch on the SillyRabbit1983 channel is the latest video to be debunked:

Footage from a film called Self/Less, the video somehow plays into the idea of the larger movie. A statement from the movie’s PR department reads:

The movie, which releases on Friday, July 10th, features a fictional science process known as “shedding” which enables consciousness transfer from one person to the body of another, unlocking the key to human immortality. The studio created a series of Youtube videos showcasing the results of a shedding experiment on animals by the fictional company Phoenix Biogenic, founded by Dr. Albright who’s brilliance created the shedding procedure. Although, shedding is currently a science fiction, it can soon become reality.

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A similar viral stunt took place in the form of a bunch of guys falling for a girl on Tinder who turned out to be a promotional stunt as well.

Learn the difference between clever marketing and cheating, marketing people.