Welcome to the Anti-Bullying Issue

Every year 13 million American kids are bullied. 13 million American kids are left feeling, hopeless, worthless, and lost. Those kids couId be your brother or sister, cousin, friend, neighbor, daughter or son. I used to be one of those 13 million American kids.

I’m Aija Mayrock and I’m a 19 year old writer. After I survived many years of bullying, I decided that I was going to make a change for the rest of the kids still being bullied. So at 16 years old, I started writing the book that I never had, but always needed. I wanted kids and teens around the world to be able to not only survive bullying, but thrive. And so “The Survival Guide to Bullying” was born.

I believe that bullying doesn’t have to be such a widespread epidemic. Each one of us, whether we were bullied, a bully, or a bystander, CAN make a change.

It starts with the first step. It begins by standing up for those 13 million kids in any way you can whether it’s not being a bystander, giving positive comments instead of negative comments, or simply learning more about bullying.

50% of the time, if SOMEONE intervenes in a bullying situation within the first 10 seconds, that kid being bullied WILL NEVER be bullied again.

Mean Girls

My book is a guide that can help any kid get through the difficult times of bullying and on to a better, happier life. The Survival Guide to Bullying is also a peak into kid’s words, so that parents, teachers, and other adults can learn from my book, understand where their kids are at, and how to help them. Together with New Media Rockstars, we have teamed up to bring you several articles about bullying, both online and off, hoping to ease this international epidemic.

I wrote “The Survival Guide to Bullying” to start a conversation and a movement.

How will you be a part of this movement?

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