The Young Turks Create ‘Freak 16,’ NCAA-Style Bracket Challenge For Republican Nomination

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Will it be Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker or Chris Christie standing alone at the top of the heap of fallen bodies who were vying for the Republican Presidential nomination? Or will it be some dark horse outsider? The Young Turks have decided that rather than wait until the official ballots, you should be able to vote now! Called the Freak 16, The Young Turks have created an NCAA-style bracket system to determine who will win the Republican nomination. And they want you to get in on the action.

Utilizing The Young Turks app, you can vote starting today for round one of the brackets — can 1-seed Jeb crush 14-seed Bobby Jindal? Can 13-seed Rick Santorum upset 4-seed Rubio? place your votes on The Young Turks app, available in the Apple store.

The brackets contenders were whittled down to 16 and placement was determined by show host Cenk Uygur. The faux contest will run over two weeks, with the final four being announced on July 20 and the winner being announced on their July 27 show.

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With any luck, the ballots cast here should effectively be an insight into the actual nominations, but even if 4chan gets ahold of it and makes it a slam dunk for Trump, it should be entertaining.

Be sure and get in on this if you can.