YouTah? New YouTube Convention Brings Stars to Utah!

When creating a viral video, not only does it need to be entertaining or funny, you need a crap-ton of luck. Once that video starts to snowball with the momentum it builds up, you’re home free.

However, a handful of individuals can constantly reach their goals with almost every video they make, and that takes a lot of talent and skill. Fortunately, you get to meet those very creators at CVX Live at the UCCU Center at Utah Valley University on Aug. 7-8.

The idea for this convention to be held at Orem, Utah was first brought up by the people behind the forever adorable Bored Shorts video series. This team of video creators had attended a variety of events in other states and had a blast in each one. The only thing that felt extremely off was the fact that there was nothing that was local for them. And thus CVX was born.

“This is the first event of its kind,” said Ryan Haldeman, a producer at Bored Shorts TV. “There will be music, magic, exclusive video premieres of content not yet released on YouTube, demonstrations, and more from some of the biggest YouTubers in the world.”


Like any other convention that has famous YouTubers, viewers will have the opportunity to meet those creators and be able to chat with them for a bit, according to Haldeman. Some of the biggest names that are going to be attending CVX Live include Glozell, Peter Hollens, Nikki Phillipi and the Hillywood Show. However, gathering all of these big names under one roof was really tough.

“Everyone has such crazy schedules that it’s hard for many channels to commit,” Haldeman said. “And most channels don’t have a manager that can tell you where they’re going to be and when.”

Even though it was super tough to nail every down to a specific time slot, these YouTube stars have already stated that it’s all good and that this event is going to be a success. This collective effort impressed Haldeman. “YouTubers in Utah are truly a community.”

Tickets for CVX Live go for $20 for a general admission day pass, and then there are other tickets you can purchase at the CVX website. If you would like to volunteer for this event, you can click here to download an application. Volunteers will get two free passes to the event, plus a commemorative shirt.

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