YouTube Channel For Sale: Is This The Strange Future of Celebrity?


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A lone Reddit post to the r/YouTube subreddit on Sunday night might just have been an early indication of a bizarre future for digital media. It’s too soon to tell probably, but you know what happens when one leaf drops from a tree in Autumn …

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The post was from an anonymous YouTuber offering to sell their channel for an undisclosed sum. Their channel, which allegedly focuses on children’s content is monetization-enabled and good for roughly $500 a month on over 1300 videos.

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Met with a sort of shock from the responding Reddit crowd, the post is indeed an unusual one. Typically, the YouTuber when bored with their output, simply walks away … or tries for a career in Hollywood only to come crawling back months later. But now, with this new post, the question has been raised: are audiences for sale?

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As YouTube has grown up, we’ve seen an emergence of transitioning. Successful stars have either sold their platform off to other outlets, like Phil Defranco did with Discovery or they have begun to include talent that will take over for the featured players … like Phil Defranco did with Sourcefed. But also Smosh has begun to increasingly use new faces in their videos as they step back.

While that is expected, this “highest bidder takes it” notion is something new entirely for the YouTube scene. Essentially, if you have enough money, you can potentially step into the role of YouTube star.

If this channel that makes $500 monthly is up for grabs, it makes you wonder who else might start selling off their celebrity. Can you imagine some 4th generation Jenna Marbles? It would be like Jenna is James Bond, and we would all sit around one day discussing which “Jenna Marbles” was the best. Me personally, I like O.G. Jenna, but I predict the 3rd Jenna will be a worthy successor.

Jenna Marbles 4.0?

Jenna Marbles 4.0?

What do you think? Is there a future in selling off channels?

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