YouTube Gets Rid of Portrait Mode Video — On Android App

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If you just read that first part of that title, it seems like the best news ever! YouTube is idiot-proofing their service so we’ll never have to look at those thin little videos when we could be looking at lush full-screen engagement. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wasn’t kidding when she said the future of YouTube was mobile!

The fix comes with the latest tech update for the YouTube app on Android phones. Of course, since many of the people who upload videos to YouTube are likely doing so from their iPhones, this isn’t going to correct the problem totally. Also, if you watch your YouTube videos on a laptop or PC, you’re still totally screwed.

Long has been the fight trying to remind people to film in landscape over portrait mode — it used to be the difference between whether you held your phone sideways vs. upright when filming. YouTubers Chescaleigh, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart even made a video reminder to choose landscape:

Holding it upright … or in “portrait mode” left obnoxious little black boxes surrounding the video when you uploaded it to YouTube.

Here’s an example:


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.28.14 AM


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.28.50 AM

Apparently, it also fixes your lighting.

But now, for the YouTube app on Android phones, you can view portrait-made films any which way you want and it will come out full framed and opulent — just like video should be!

Image credit: The Verge

Image credit: The Verge

No telling when this option hits IOS, but hopefully soon. Can you imagine a world in which your children look at you funny when you complain about how things used to be filmed awfully? Also, that you had to use a camera in your phone instead of your video-recorder eye implant. Of course, knowing YouTube, that eye implant will also have bullshit portrait mode at first.

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