YouTube Picks Toronto For Next YouTube Space

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Sorry, Berlin, you’re not the baby anymore.

YouTube, hellbent on extending its reach and providing its creators with a hub that facilitates both action and camaraderie, has picked America’s Hat as the next location for a YouTube Space. More specifically, Toronto.

The facilities, which contain sound stages, editing bays and screening rooms, are for the use of creators who have shown a certain dedication and promise in their YouTube channel.

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Toronto-based YouTuber LaurDIY spoke of her enthusiasm about the incoming space to local paper 680 news:
“I’m so excited! There’d been rumours that they were going to open one in Toronto so everyone had their fingers crossed,” she said. “I feel like all the major cities have one, so it’s so amazing that Canada finally has one now, too.”

Other YouTube Space locations include New York, London, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Berlin and Tokyo.

No timetable or specific location has yet been given for the Space’s arrival.

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