YouTube Stars Not Moving To Facebook Any Time Soon

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Apparently the expression “Stay with who brought you” applies to dances AND social media.

The Wall Street Journal ran a report today that for all the hype Facebook has in regards to stealing YouTube’s thunder, it still doesn’t have YouTube’s stars. In other words, YouTubers aren’t exactly lighting it up on Facebook and nor do they want to be. The WSJ reports for instance that, “68% of the top creators on YouTube posted a video to Facebook in May, and exactly zero of them generated more views on Facebook than YouTube that month, according to an analysis by the Web video data firm Tubular Labs.”

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What’s more, “analytics firm Pixabilty noted that top YouTube creators post on average five times more video on YouTube than Facebook. PewDiePie, the YouTube creator with the largest number of subscribers (over 38 million) has uploaded just 10 videos to Facebook since January 1, versus 333 videos published to YouTube.”

The reasons for why this is are speculative and varied — everything from the ad revenue thing that Facebook hasn’t fully figured out yet to YouTubers simply not being interested in attempting to conquer multiple mediums.

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Taryn Southern, who would totally be dating me if not for the restraining orders and the fact that I’m “creepy,” said to the WSJ: “I just don’t think vloggers translate.”

If you want more info on this story, by all means go check out the extensive reporting those Wall Street hustlers did on it here. Frankly, we already ate the good parts out of their sandwich, but some people like to go back for the crusts. Of course, some people like to wear chipmunk suits and have sex with other people in animal costumes. They call it “yiffing.” Decide what kind of person you want to be and get on with it.

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