YouTuber & Ex-BFF Gabriella Lindley Apologizes To Zoella In Post Called ‘Honesty’

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“Hopefully that can get you back to liking me, if you don’t like me for whatever reason,” Gabriella Lindley says towards the beginning of her 28 minute video that she’s titled “Honesty.” She’s speaking to the fans here, but just as much, she’s also speaking to her ex-BFF Zoella. The two had a falling out some time ago and haven’t spoken.

Admitting that she’s grown up a lot in the last two years, Gabriella says that she’s learned how to phrase her opinions in a way that won’t offend people. Allegedly, YouTube commenters have been harassing her with statements, posts and tweets from her past and she’s at the end of her rope with it all.

Initially in the video, Gaby offers the vague explanation that “Sometimes people just grow apart, that’s what happens.” She then went on to elaborate on the issue: “To be honest I’m quite upset about mine and Zoe’s friendship because we were so close at one point. So close. And I classed her as my absolute best friend … Part of the reason we’re not close now is probably my fault.”

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“I felt like I was having the best time of my life … with Zoe and with Alfie, to be honest,” Gaby says, dancing around the exact issues that cancelled the friendship and put an end to the girls making appearances in each other’s vlogs. From Gaby’s statements, part of the reason appears to be public speculation by the fans that Gaby was using Zoella’s fame as a springboard, a common accusation from fans in regards to Youtubers and their friends with channels. At the 16:30 mark, Gaby says she asked to stop doing the collabs because of what people were saying.

The 21-year-old musician’s Zoella talk comes as a byproduct of a question from a fan who addressed the issue of Gaby and Zoella. Interestingly, sources are saying the apology has come from a backlash over a licensing collaboration between Gaby and Primark, a homewares company that she has done unboxing videos for. Allegedly, YouTube fans were tweeting the company and calling Gaby a bully, which certainly explains the opening salvo about her having grown up a lot. Gaby prefaced her long video by posting on Twitter that the post was coming and that she was nervous to upload it.

Amongst other things, she also clarifies a Twitter row she had with Alfie Deyes over the social media site Vessel in which they publicly disagreed, but states they were in no way enemies over it.

Ahh YouTube, the cause and solution to so many friendship troubles. Hopefully the girls can reconnect, but hopefully we all learn to also mind our own damn business.

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