YouTuber Gamer FrankieonPCin1080p Busted For Hacking Counter-Strike: GO?

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With the gaming world, the drama seems to be omnipresent. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. But the boards are rattling particularly hard lately with the assertions that major YouTube gamer FrankieonPCin1080p was caught cheating in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

The issue in question stems from Frankie’s use of the bunnyhop manuever, which is a difficult tactic to master. You can see it starting around 17:05 in the video above.

According to Wikipedia: “Bunny hopping in Counter-Strike is still recognized to be a very useful skill once the exact timing of the jump button is mastered, which is harder to achieve compared to other games. It allows the player to become a very difficult target to hit. By jumping in a zig-zag motion, the player can cut corners extremely fast, which also gives an advantage of surprise over the enemy. It can also be used to reach places usually not reachable by normal jumping.”


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Apparently, Frankie was just a little too good at it and has been called out by his fellow gamers for running a script that would allow him to do this — basically they are saying he hacked the game to his advantage, which would be frowned upon by most. It would allow him to make more compelling content and basically game the gamers for views.

A fellow YouTuber, Launders CStrike, in particular allegedly made a video about Frankie’s alleged cheating. But apparently it was removed after a copyright claim by Frankie:

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Redditors on the Counter-Strike subreddit seemed to know it was going to happen as well:

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A move that Frankie seems to deny on in the comments on his video:

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Launders additionally seemed to be making commentary on the whole situation by titling his new video LaundryOnPCin720p60fps3300bitratePlsNoCopystrike – CEVO Pug w subs:

What does it all mean for FrankieonPCin1080p and his 2.5 million followers though? Who knows? The wrath of the gamers can be easily forgiving or long lasting, depending on what the next drama to pop up is.

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