YouTuber Grav3yardGirl Warns of ‘Scam’ Imposter Channels Attacking YouTubers

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Stressing the urgency of of her post by labelling it “Watch Me Right Now!” Grav3yardGirl AKA Bunny Meyer is breaking news of a scam that is being perpetrated on her YouTube fans.

Apparently, scammers are creating fake YouTube pages made to look like Grav3yardGirl’s page and then in the comment section of those fake pages are advertising contests and giveaways that include a link.

As Bunny puts it, they might be offering a 1000 free iPhones or something. But if you go to the link, it is actually a phishing scam that can send you to a few different obnoxious outcomes.

In the worst of circumstances, a virus gets uploaded to your computer. The virus, likely the infamous Cryptolocker virus, version 3, is one that will scramble your computer files and there’s no way to unscramble them without paying the scammers a big fee. It’s one of the most noxious and pervasive malware scams affecting the digital masses right now.

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But there are some lesser options that are more annoying than harmful. Ultimately, it is creeps looking for money at the expense of YouTubers.

“I would never, ever run a giveaway like that, so please … I try and stay as on top of it as possible, “Bunny says, “but I have no control over it.”

Be sure to pay attention when you are surfing YouTube and the comment sections. If it’s happening with Bunny, it’s probably happening to other YouTubers as well.

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