YouTuber Shane Dawson Just Announced He’s Bisexual: Here’s 4 Things You Need To Know From The Video


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“I just wanted to turn on my computer and talk to you guys.”

Shane Dawson just dropped a bombshell on the internet: he’s bisexual. Not intending to publicly announce it, Shane says he just woke up today and knew he couldn’t go another day without opening up to his YouTube family.

The surprise announcement comes as a wholehearted and fantastically earnest revelation from the shock and humor commenter who says he was teased much of his life and called gay on the internet.

“I always wished I was gay,” he admits during the video, but he goes on to admit that that isn’t the case completely.

Here are four major talking points from the video that you should know about:

1. This is the only video he is going to talk about it.

Shane is an entertainer, performer and a YouTuber first. He is not defined by his bisexuality and doesn’t want it to overshadow his professional life.

2. Shane discovered he was bisexual last year

He talked to his therapist last year and she told him people are on different places on the sexual spectrum. He needs to accept he’s somewhere in the middle.

3. He told Lisbug two months ago.

His off/on relationship with Lisa Schwartz came to a head two months ago when he told her and she was incredibly supportive.

4. Bruce Jenner factored into his decision.

Deciding he didn’t want to be sad all the time, Shane decided he didn’t want to be like Bruce Jenner coming out at 65. He wanted to be true with himself and his friends and family.

The way Shane tells it, it is incredibly beautiful. Sure he’s conflicted and scared, but he’s finally able to be honest with himself and others, which is incredibly liberating.

We will see how this influences his work going forward. Congratulations Shane!

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