YouTube’s New Features Now Ranked By Usefulness

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YouTube just dropped their latest State of the Union address video — an annual tradition now, apparently. Their last one came out in May of 2014 and had some interesting and exciting features mentioned. So how does this year’s set of announced functions hold up? Well, some good, some not so good. It kinda depends on your excitement level for innovation.

Telling us mostly everything they are developing or have unveiled, YouTube has arranged the announcements into a “Matt Santoro list” format.

Their numbers don’t mean anything though and one thing isn’t determined to be better than the other. What fun is that?

So here is the list again, but — we decided to rank them from most useful to least useful. And loser gets eaten.

1. Livestreams and YouTube Gaming

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Good, gaming is by far the biggest genre of YouTube, you should be doing all you can to be more like Twitch. Very, very important.

2. Mobile video management

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Better ability to run your videos when you’re on the go, GREAT!

3. Improved Creator Studio app

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Hmm, 2 & 3 seem like they could have been one entry … I guess they had to stretch here to fill out the list of 10 .

4. New card types

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Anything they can help you do to monetize better is terrific.

5. Subscriber notifications

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Make those lazy subscribers more aware to get those views up — not a bad thing.

6. Better access to subscription feed

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This is where the list really turns from useful to “eh.”

7. New creator community

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This one is useful-ish in that it helps out the up & comers, but who wants to see their upcoming competition piggybacking off everything YouTube learned from you?

8. Updated Creator Academy

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Ehhh, if you have the creator community, the Creator Academy is peanuts. Limited to those who can get out to one of the hubs (e.g. established creators), it isn’t useful for most new creators.

9. 360-degree videos

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Why do users want to look at anything but the creators? It’s a neat gimmick but really only practical with the travel and sport channels.


So that means …











10. Better comment ranking system

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Please. MUNCH!


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