Zealot Networks Acquires ViralNova Video Platform — Biggest Acquisition Yet

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It’s official: Danny Zappin will own the world by 2025.

I for one pledge fealty to my overlord. Especially since I can numb my brain with some gooey, delicious content on his latest acquisition, ViralNova. Home to some of the nicest content generated on the web, ViralNova is your go-to destination for all things huggable. Sample titles of content frequently include things like “You Probably Didn’t Know That Raccoons Getting Baths Would Be This Cute.” Or that super viral vid of those kids all tripping as they leave their tent:

It’s a destination for human/animal kindness is what we’re saying.

“ViralNova provides us with a solid and profitable foundation for building our publisher network for which we can create original content, allowing those within and outside of Zealot Networks to reach engaged global audiences with creative solutions,” said Zappin, the president and CEO of Zealot Networks. “The deal also allows our partner companies to leverage ViralNova’s successful proprietary technology, ‘Nova,’ to better monetize and build audience for their clients.”


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While terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, it’s been stated that ViralNova is on track to generate something like $35 million in revenue this year, so you can imagine there was some sticker shock associated. But Zealot seems to have a good eye towards acquiring good properties and making them better. For instance, in terms of full disclosure, Zealot Networks’ owns NMR and we’re better for it.

Like I said, Danny Zappin will own the world.