3BlackDot Supergroup Breaks Down Their Hit Horror Game Dead Realm

What’s your favorite part of the game?

Tom: The Jump Scares! It’s amazing to see people’s first reactions to being caught by the baby!

Evan: My favorite part of the game is the reactions I get from people when I jump scare them as a ghost, it’s always satisfying and a lot fun!

Angelo: I love the maps, I think Section Studios did an amazing job at building beautiful environments. Section has had their hands in making some of the most amazing content for other games and it was an honor to be able to work with a team as talented as they are.

Adam: The reactions are usually pretty hilarious. Gotta love trolling your friends.

What comes next?

Angelo: First and foremost, we have to continue to make the game as engaging and polished as possible. We have had enormous support from the community and they have been providing great suggestions, so we are doing our best to incorporate the feedback to improve the overall experience.

Is there anything you wish you’d all done differently?

Adam: There’s always something new to add or improve. Keep an eye out for additional monsters and maps over the next few months.

So there you go — you can totally get in on the visual and mental madness that is Dead Realm right here. Of course, if you’re like us, you’ll probably have to play with diapers on.


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