4chan User Actually Cuts Off Toe To Live Up To His Shaky Internet Promise [NSFL]

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Allow me to never doubt the anonymous maniacs of 4chan ever again — they’ve lately been on a hot streak of wackiness and insanity. With several in-before-police murderers popping up on the site (right?) to share their crimes, and then the less rampage-y types filling in the cracks — like the guy who promised to throw a briefcase at a wrestler during a WWE match — and totally delivered, the site has become the most reliable forum for mayhem around.

And to cap it off now, as if you still had lingering doubt, one of the b/tards, as they’ve labelled themselves, has hacked off a toe.


The anonymous user first published an image of his toe, with a nice little cut on it, and promised that if anyone on the site rolled “dubs” that is, posted a suggestion where the last two numbers in the post sequencer tagged to each comment has the last two numbers the same, the user would do that suggestion. See posts are constantly happening on different threads, so the odds that someone times it right to make a comment in the correct thread is a little more unlikely. It’s a long-running component of the forum, a sort of 4chan-version of a lottery.

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Well,”dubs” just happened to come up — on the suggestion that the user cut off his toe.

Note that one of the mirrored comment suggestions ends in "55"

Note that one of the mirrored comment suggestions ends in “55”


Most of the time with posts like this, the anonymous user quietly drops back into the landscape and the rest of the message board is left to debate the user’s sexual proclivities. But this time, the user posted a follow-up pic — him killing off the circulation to his toe in preparation for the cut.

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And then, because there was still much doubt at this point, he posted the gruesome pic of his foot — missing that section of toe and complete with a tag for proof of authenticity.

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Suffice it to say, it’s impressive to see that some things can still shock and horrify the users of 4chan.

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And, of course, our hat is off to this internet stranger who lived up to his word Sure, he can have the toe sewed back on, probably, but if he cut his toe off to satiate random people on the internet, he’s probably much more likely to have it dipped in gold and wear it like a necklace.



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