4chan User Brags He’s Going To Hit WWE Wrestler With Suitcase — Does It!

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4chan is known for being a lot of things, but it isn’t usually known for following through on its threats. It’s rare that a day doesn’t go by on the noxious nearly-anything goes site that someone doesn’t promise to kill themselves based on some arbitrary happenstance occurring. They typically don’t follow through with it (or maybe they do, after all who would really know on the anonymous posting site). But this time — actually, to be fair, they have tragically delivered before — a 4chan user went online before a WWE wrestling match in Victoria, British Columbia and bragged that they were going to throw a garish suitcase at a wrestler named Roman Reigns. They included a picture of the suitcase, which appears to read “Sasha in the bank,” a play on “Money in the bank” the name of a WWE event. Typically, no one believed the post.

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But that night, OP (original poster) delivered!

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And dick move or not, you have to admit it was an AMAZING throw, tagging the wrestler square in the head from the middle of the mat. The match was briefly stopped while the man was identified and removed from the area and Roman Reigns was checked for injury.

Once he confirmed he was okay, the match continued without incident. And probably to the disappointment of the 4chan poster, Reigns won the match. Of course the hit made headlines, but everyone was left wondering the reasoning behind the throw:

Reigns talked about the incident with The Miami Herald (via Wrestlezone)

“I was confused at first,” Reigns said. “I thought Bray hit me in the head with the kendo stick. So immediately I was like, ‘Aww man. You’re about to get it, brother. Aww, you’re about to get your [butt] whooped,’ but then I looked down, and I could see the briefcase. So then I’m trying to piece this thing together.

If you see the video, you see me stand up to where I kind of got a little bit hot. Once I was able to process the situation in a matter of seconds, I knew what needed to be done, and our security team took care of it.

It was just a bad choice by a 31-year-old man, throwing briefcases at entertainers while they’re busting their [butt] for you. Everybody was on top of it. He was escorted out, briefly after, and luckily for me, [the briefcase] was plastic, so it didn’t hurt, but it’s scary. What if it was something that could have hurt me. Hit me in the eye.”

“I’m a character and a sports entertainer and a wrestler, but I’m also a father and a husband and a provider. So for me that’s scary, because I’m just going out there to put on a good show and provide for my family and take care of my future, and if somebody takes that away from me… For what? For 10 seconds of Internet fame. That’s tough to deal with. That’s hard to process.”

Some on 4chan call it lulz, others kek, really it was just a chance to be a dick. If there ends up being any sort of trial, too bad that now-infamous post on 4chan is going to be evidence of premeditated assault. That’s likely going to hurt worse than a suitcase to the head.

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