5 Instagrams That Will Make You Laugh Or Blow Your Mind


Instagram is an awesome platform because it gives photographers a place to be seen on a larger scale. It’s also neat because the average social media user gets to see phenomenal photography with the click of a follow button. I’ve gathered five magnificent and noteworthy Instagrams filled with beautiful photography or an interesting premise that you should follow.

This Instagram is private but, with more than 100,000 followers, I don’t think Mathu Andersen is very selective with who he lets follow. Take this follower count with a grain of salt, though, because Mathuism is reported to have purchased Instagram followers from Buzzoid. Nonetheless, @Mathuism is filled with self portraits of Mathu Andersen. Andersen is a supremely talented makeup artist whose main client is RuPaul. In my opinion, the interesting thing is: through the makeup and hair in his photographs, he makes his beard feel feminine. It’s an incredibly cool Instagram to follow.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.35.56 PM

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This Instagram is essentially just pictures of where Conor Kenny handstands. An avid traveler, Kenny gets to handstand in a lot of cool (and scary) places. I say “scary” because sometimes he handstands on ledges. I’d probably fall over into an abyss if I were to ever handstand on a ledge. Nevertheless, Kenny’s photos show breathtaking locations and the strength and beauty of the human body while upside down.

Back to England and back out to the Peak District for some climbing ! ???#whereihandstand #climbing

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Flag Pole at the East Village in stratford. Love living in this area! #whereihandstand #London #flag #flagpole

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Most of @Gosh’s Instagram page are pictures of humans seen from a different perspective or in a different light than usual. People seen through a reflection in a puddle, people with faces covered, people in silhouette, and even blurry people make for a truly artsy Instagram.

Liz Lemon

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In for the kill

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Cole Sprouse’s Instagram, @Camera_Duels, is a personal favorite. Cole Sprouse was a Disney Channel star in the late 2000s, starring mainly in Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The premise of this Instagram involves Sprouse spotting fans trying to take stalker pics of him and beating them to the punch. To top it off, the captions detailing the awkward fan interaction are guaranteed to be absolutely hilarious.

Wow, look at the face she’s making. The human mouth should only open that wide for two reasons: (1) screaming ‘fire,’ and (2) wailing during moments of overwhelming humanity. Apparently I warranted that primal facial contortion. YES I, it is I in that photo. I like to give opposing perspective to the #cameraduels, mainly because it’s fun to see myself shoot victorious, but also because some of you…incurable skeptics…don’t believe the duels actually happen. They say “Cole youre paranoid!” And they’re right, I am, but clearly for a reason. This shot actually shows the victims POV from the last duel I posted. If you zoom in close to my face, you can actually see the twisted grin. Zoom even closer and I’m sure you could see Satan in the reflection of my goggles. Oh wait, nevermind… that’s not Lucifer, that’s just the girl screaming. #MortalQuestions #ScreamingSelfie #Opposhot

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SharkCookie is a renowned Instagrammer in the world of dance. His photos feature dancers around the world posing or dancing. His photos really show the lengths at which the body can stretch and contort to. The coolest part is that his subjects make it seem effortless, when really it’s far from it.

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