5 Underrated YouTube Channels You Should Totally Be Watching!

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Becoming a YouTuber these days is easy, but getting popular is hard. The glory days of the YouTube front page are over. Instead, YouTubers need to rely on quality content, consistency, creativity and networking — that, or a viral video. Some YouTubers thrive in the middle however, but there are some of these middle-dwellers that deserve more time in the spotlight. Here are some of those underrated YouTube personalities that you need to be watching (and subscribing to):

5. AllShamNoWow

Despite having made videos with the likes of CaptainSparklez and Seananners, Mark has yet to get to the amount of subscribers he deserves. While still a successful YouTuber with over 450,000 subscribers, it is evident that the gameplayer deserves to be one of the greats. Even with the lack of a facecam during his videos, Mark still manages to produce fun and entertaining gameplay videos both alone and with friends, with a fresh take on every game he plays and a dry sense of humor that makes every game entertaining. Mark is also good at choosing the best games for his style, often shying away from current gameplay trends. His specialty perhaps is Left 4 Dead videos, which are all unique and funny – especially his attempts at playing by himself on 10 vs 10 servers.

Best videos: Left 4 Dead 2 and Saw playthroughs

4. Black Box TV

If you were to rate YouTubers based on the work put into their videos, Tony E. Valenzuela would be close to the top. Despite millions of views on certain videos featuring prominent YouTube-personalities, Tony has yet to pass the 1 million subscriber-mark — which he clearly deserves. His horror and sci-fi shorts are arguably some of the best on YouTube, and feature familiar faces such as Joey Graceffa, Onision, Tobuscus, iJustine, Philip DeFranco and more, as well as well-known actors like Jeremy Sisto. His channel features both series and short films, all of which are of a quality we rarely see on YouTube. A director/writer that works hard and produces quality videos deserves all the praise they can get.

Best videos: Inside, Leave Me Alone, Pretty Face and the Fight of the Living Dead-series

3. Keevanski

With only a bit over 11,000 subscribers, makeup artist Keevanski has yet to reach the same amount of popularity as other makeup gurus. This doesn’t mean she’s undeserving however — her makeup-tutorials are not only impressive, but along with her frequent uploading schedule and creative editing, she stands out as one of the better special effects makeup-artists on YouTube. Her tutorials are in Spanish, though this doesn’t make them less understandable, and are often video game-related, featuring characters from games like Far Cry and The Witcher, as well as tutorials on making props for each look. Her recent Batman and Joker tutorials racked up a good amount of views, and hopefully we’ll see her channel grow even bigger.

Best videos: Undead Marston and Batman/Joker tutorials

2. Pistol Shrimps

4 years ago, a video called “Trolling Saruman” went viral. In the video, we see a clip from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, accompanied by everybody’s favorite Trololo-song. With over 27 million views it’s not impossible that you came across it — and for good reason. What many might not be aware of is the other videos that the Norwegian duo produces. From green screen edits, including several Harry Potter parodies and an epic Titanic remake, to a hilarious parody of Norwegian death metal musicians (which is surprisingly accurate), the duo has produced videos that have racked up millions of views. Unfortunately however, their subscriber numbers are still under the 500,000 mark. While they’ve had a lot of success in Norway, including working for Norwegian television numerous times, it appears as if they have yet to break through abroad. The possibility of their channel growing bigger however is not unlikely.

Best videos: Titanic Super 3D, Trolling Saruman

1. CinemaSins Jeremy

You might be familiar with CinemaSins, the channel that points out all the errors and plain dumb parts of the movies we all hate – and love. What few might not know however is that Jeremy, the man behind CinemaSins, has his own channel that features drunk gameplay, Everything Wrong With Movie Trailers and his unique take on film reviews – reviewing them before and after watching it. Jeremy is just as hilarious on this channel as CinemaSins, yet only has around 280,000 subscribers on this second chanel. If you enjoy CinemaSins, Jeremy’s channel won’t disappoint.

Best videos: Everything Wrong With The Suicide Squad Trailer, Deadpool – Drunk Gameplay Commentary and Games I Quit Quickly – Drunk Gaming


What underrated YouTubers do you enjoy?

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