50 Cent & Ja Rule Reignite Rap Beef To Stir Album Sales

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The Drake vs. Meek Mill thing apparently got e’rybody on edge …

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have done the least macho thing ever and reignited their rap feud … on Instagram of all places. Granted, we live in a social media world, but this is pretty much one step above pinning recipes for revenge dishes best served cold on Pintrest. #Gazpacho. Use a more thuggish social media platform is what I’m saying — LinkedIn or better.

The re-beef was ignited when Ja Rule made commentary on the Drake/Meek Mill thing, posting “Which one supposed to be Ja Rule??? #Over30millionrecordsSOLD #IwriteallmyS–t #MeekvsDrake.” And then hinting that his next album was dropping soon. He then followed it up with a tweet reading, “If y’all wanna compare #meekvsdrake to 50vsRule I’m gonna need one of these niggas to get stabbed or shot!!!”

And someone from his PR doubtlessly crapped their pants so that was followed up with another tweet: “All jokes aside I don’t wanna see those guys get hurt I like both of them keep it on wax but stop comparing it to other beefs…”

This should have just stayed a quiet, desperate grab for attention from Ja Rule to move some units, but 50 Cent couldn’t keep quiet on the matter, writing back on Instagram: “Oh I herd what you said on the power 105 morning show, you fu?king punk. Everybody know I put your ass to sleep.”

And then cue Ja Rule:

So now we’ve got TWO full-on rap beefs running at the same time. And if Action Bronson hadn’t backed down against Ghostface Killah, this could have been the SUMMER OF RAP BEEFS! Quick, somebody get Tupac’s hologram to fight Biggie’s hologram!


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